How to install Metatrader on Mac

An other site, Metatrader Mac, proposes an easier way to install Metatrader on a Mac computer. We recommend you to have a look to it by clicking here.

You will need:

  • Metatrader.exe file.
    You have to download it from your broker's website. However you can download it also from You can choose between Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5.
  • Wine for Mac.
    Wine is an open-source software for running windows applications. In this case we are going to use the wine app and winebottle made by kronenberg. You can download it here
  • X11.
    This package emulates windows graphs and it's not included in Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8) you can download it from or


  1. Download and install Wine for Mac. When you download it you will see that you have two applications to install, Wine and Winebottler. You have to install both of them.
    Wine will create a folder(called prefix) on our home/Wine Files with all the software required to run windows applications(drive C, libraries, etc.) on our mac and will install and run Metatrader 4 in this folder.
    WineBottler will help us to convert this folder (prefix) with metatrader into 1 package that we can run.
      2. Open metatrader.exe. You will see this windows:

        You can choose between running it in the default prefix or create a package with WineBottler.
        We select the first option to install metatrader.

     3. Install Metatrader. 

     4. Run Metatrader.
         If everything went fine now you can go to home/WineFiles/drive_c/Program Files/Metatrader
         and run Terminal.exe.
        You will see again the same windows asking you what to do. You have to select run directly.
        If you want to make a shortcut of Metatrader you can create and alias and move it to your
        desktop or dock bar.
        Everytime you run Terminal.exe you are going to see the wine window first, if you want to skip
        it you have to click the box dont show it again or create a bottle (which is very easy). I explain
        how to do it here